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咪乐|其他|直播|直播| 在理想状态下,20架AV-8B组成的机群一次出击能向距离母舰400多千米的目标区投放80吨弹药,而20架F-35B机群一次出击时,能在投弹量保持相同的情况下将打击范围扩展到距离母舰876千米的目标区,而在不计航程时最大投弹量甚至可达到140吨。


The design of the Vibia’s showroom inside its new headquarters in Gavà, Barcelona, features a series of ideas which we have evolved after several collaborations with the company.The aim was to create a place that, on the one hand, recalls its corporate image in the last trade fairs, and on the other hand, dialogues in a poetic and balanced way with different departments.


Through an aesthetic language of steel structure and oak wood, the main entrance enveloped in a pink-colored lattice leads to an open space that is used as a welcome area for visitors. Next to the reception, a handrail made in natural steel runs alongside the stair, enriched with LED-lighting to mark the pathway through the floors.


The showroom is set up from the volume “Light your way”, located in the heart of the space, where visitors can interact with the product through sectioned pieces, the brand’s color palette, etc. Its interior has been covered in oak wood evoking the warmth and intimacy of the brand’s light.


For them, we used the same constructive methods as in the ephemeral projects such as the latticework, the walls made with translucent fabric, the curtains as decorative elements. In this way, lighting proposals have enough independence while environments with a great personality are created. The exhibition area is linked to the kitchen and dining room where to extend the sensorial experience of the visitors.

在没有意识到它是工业建筑的情况下,屋顶倾斜已被纵向主梁软化。 围绕着这个元素,金属网格板被战略性地分布在天花板上,方便地放置电气装置和悬挂灯具。